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Clean Your Adult Toys

Adult toys aren’t cheap, so you want to take care of them. One of the best ways to do this is to wash them after every use. Unfortunately, not all toys are made out of the same materials, so you can’t clean all of them the same way. Here is a quick breakdown of the best way to clean your adult products based on the materials out of which they’re made.

Rubber or Jelly Toys

Cleaning rubber and jelly adult toys is important because they’re very porous. This means that bacteria can become trapped inside. Thankfully, you can usually clean them well with a mixture of mild soap and water. If you really want to make sure they’re clean, invest in a rubber-specific toy cleaner.


Another popular toy material, silicone can be cleaned much in the same way as rubber and jelly. Simply wash the product with warm soap and water. Silicone cleaners are also available, but they can be a bit pricey. Save yourself some money, and just use soap and water.

Glass or Stainless Steel

For the most part, stainless steel and glass can be cleaned in the same way as rubber, jelly or silicone. However, the biggest advantage for Wild Secrets sex toys made of these materials is that they can just be stuck in the dishwasher. This will make sure the toys are properly cleaned. Just be sure that the toys aren’t electric or battery-operated. If so, you’ll need to clean them by hand.

Neoskin or Cyberskin

This type of material is becoming very popular in the world of adult toys, mostly because this material is designed to feel more skin-like than any other material on the market. It’s typically best just to clean these products with warm water and than pat them dry. Soap can sometimes damage the material. Some manufacturers also suggest coating the product with a light layer of cornstarch. This keeps the toy from drying out and cracking.

Adult toys can be expensive, but if you properly care for them, they can last for years. Use these cleaning methods after every use to keep your toys safe and clean.

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