Vital Greens Nutritional Supplement

Vital Greens is an easily absorbed, food-based blend of 76 nutrients that have been extracted from vegetables and fruits and combined with enzymes, probiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals to make a great tasting dietary supplement.

Developed by two leading health experts in Sydney, Australia, Vital Greens is a unique formula that supports the liver and nervous system, promotes digestion, improves mental acuity and helps strengthen the immune system. For athletes, Vital Greens can help support the additional physical demands that training places on the body, and aid in both performance and recovery.

Vital Greens does not contain gluten, wheat, added sugar, egg, dairy, corn yeast, or artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It is ideal for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those with allergies or on restricted diets. Unlike many multi-vitamins, it contains real food, from nature. Food-sourced nutrients are recognized by the body and metabolized much more easily than synthetic products.

The ingredients in Vital Greens are carefully sourced to ensure superior quality and purity. Each is inspected and tested at multiple stages during production. They are blended to the highest standards in a facility that is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, a regulatory body that is responsible for conducting assessment and monitoring activities of therapeutic goods.

Vital Greens comes in a convenient powder for ease of consumption and quick absorption and digestion. Just two teaspoons a day, mixed into water, milk, or non-acidic juices supply a nutritional boost for optimum health and functioning. Best of all, Vital Greens tastes great, is suitable for all ages, and provides superior results when used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Available for purchase in 120g, 300g, 600g, and 1kg packages.

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